A man with multiple arrests for car theft failed to appear for his scheduled court appearance Tuesday while out on his second release with ordered pretrial supervision this year. 

Kennedy Tali, 34, was the subject of an Anchorage Police Department Nixle alert Tuesday. According to APD, Tali was caught driving a stolen Chevy Avalanche Friday. 

According to online court records, Tali was arrested for an alleged vehicle theft back in September 2017. 

According to book-in and release data provided by the Department of Corrections, Tali was arrested for the initial vehicle theft charge just six days after he had finished serving probation for another case that started in 2009. 

Tali was released on bail on October 7, 2017, then taken back into custody on January 6 of this year. 

By February 9, Tali was released and placed on Pretrial Enforcement Division (PED) supervision. 

He was remanded for violating his conditions of release and a new vehicle theft charge on March 2, then released three days later on March 5 under PED supervision again. 

Tali failed to appear in court for a pre-indictment hearing Tuesday, March 6, but a warrant was not issued for his arrest. Instead, the hearing was continued to the following week. 

A public defender told the Judge, "Your honor, [Tali] is in custody, and I expected him to be transported, but I didn't see him on the transport list at all. I'm not sure why. I have not spoken with him." 

The defender also told the judge there was a deal on the table for Tali, but she had not yet presented the offer to him. 

KTVA checked with the DOC again after the hearing. A spokesperson confirmed Tali is currently out of custody and under PED supervision. 

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