Anchorage police have identified the three people whose bodies were found in a car outside a Spenard hotel early Monday morning, as an investigation of how they died continues.

The deceased woman and two men include 28-year-old Susanne Johnston, 29-year-old Arcadie Fedorean and 48-year-old Kyle Rolf, police spokesman MJ Thim said Tuesday morning.

Their gray Volkswagen Passat was found at about 1 a.m. Monday near the Long House Alaskan Hotel on Wisconsin Street, just off Spenard Road. Police responded soon afterward, Thim said.

“We get to the scene, the vehicle is running,” Thim said. “We do verbal commands, no response; we knock on the window, no response; we break it open, no response.”

Thim said arriving fire crews recorded high levels inside the vehicle of carbon monoxide, a colorless, odorless exhaust gas which can cause impairment and death from long exposures or high concentrations.

Anchorage Fire Chief Denis LeBlanc said Tuesday afternoon that the CO levels recorded in the car, about 150 parts per million, were "enough to cause a headache" but nowhere near levels of 10,000 parts per million capable of causing instant death. Officers had opened one of the car's doors as well as breaking the window before medics arrived at about 1:40 a.m., however, likely diluting the concentration inside.

"We made an initial assessment of the patients, removed them from the vehicle, and very quickly determined that they were all deceased," LeBlanc said.

The case doesn’t appear to be suspicious, police said Monday. There wasn’t any immediate sign whether the gas had been accidentally or deliberately pumped inside the Passat, leaving APD with no initial findings on the cause of death.

“Evidence collected at the scene indicates that this is drug-related or CO-related,” Thim said. “It's going to take a couple of weeks, because it's going to be the toxicology report that gives us the definitive word on what the cause of death was.”

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