Ryan Redington continues to have a good run in Iditarod 46, and it’s getting better.

As the first musher to pull into Nikolai on Tuesday morning he was eager to enjoy the simple spoils offered to by the community: a hot meal and some sleep.

"Good run, lot of wind drift. Tough, tough trail today," said Redington. "But we’re not the only ones that are going over it. But I think we had the toughest because we had to break it out. But we’re here.”

Ryan Redington checks into Nikolai.

Arriving with 13 dogs, he’s no stranger to Nikolai. This is his 11th Iditarod.

“I’ve become friends with some of the people here over the years and it’s nice to come in here and see everyone again.” he said. 

This time, his punctuality came with an added bonus:

For getting to Nikolai first, local resident Oline Petruska presented Redington with a pair of handmade beaver mittens.

Josie Owen of Alaska Air Transit, a state wide charter/taxi service, also gave him a blanket.

A warm meal, blanket, mittens, a nap and first place.

A good morning indeed.