Iditarod veteran and Alaska celebrity DeeDee Jonrowe’s dogsled team is off to a rowdy start this year. 

Jonrowe says this is her last time on the Iditarod trail, and so far, it’s been a memorable ride. 

She doesn't miss a stop with the "Skwentna Sweeties" on the trail's second checkpoint.

This year, she showed up with a souvenir photo card for all of the volunteers-- a way to remember her last run in the Last Great Race.

But, getting here with all of her dogs hasn’t been smooth.

"The young boys knowing of girls that are of dating age is causing a little more lack of sleep right now," Jonrowe said of her team.

Indeed, Jonrowe didn't get much sleep at the Skwentna checkpoint. Within minutes of her arrival at the cabin, her dogs were causing commotion down the hill at the checkpoint.

"She’s being a little witch to the other girls," Jonrowe said of one pup. 

With two dogs in heat, Jonrowe says the team is "distracted."

Although her second stop was cut short, there’s still a lot of trail left to go on the way to Nome.

This will be Jonrowe’s 36th Iditarod. After retiring, she says she plans to spend time training some of her dogs as service animals. 

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