Anchorage seems to be finally digging out from a series of storms that left streets and sidewalks covered with snow.

Both city and state road crews continue to plow but are making progress. Anchorage street maintenance manager Paul Vanlandingham said he hoped to have city sidewalks and trails plowed by the end of Friday. On Saturday, crews will head back to the neighborhoods and work on cleaning up the mess around some mailboxes.

"Once all our sidewalks and trails have been cleared, we are going to send some of the sidewalk tractors through some of the worst-impacted neighborhoods and try and widen out the areas right in front of mailboxes," he said.

Workers said homeowners can help by not putting driveway snow back into the streets and, as much as possible, not parking in the street.

Vanlandingham said hauling snow from some neighborhoods should begin on Monday. He said people with issues about service can call Street Maintenance at 343-8277.

State Department of Transportation and Public Facilities spokeswoman Shannon McCarthy said crews hoped to have all state roads plowed by the end of the weekend. She said sidewalks are still a work in progress with no timeline when they'll be finished.

The Anchorage Fire Department is asking homeowners to help out by making sure fire hydrants are visible, so that firefighters can find them fast in an emergency.

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