A new book called "Icons of the Iditarod" is available now. It was created by Iditarod photographer Jeff Schultz and Tricia Brown.

They joined Daybreak Friday to discuss the book, and what sets it apart from other Iditarod books they've had a hand in creating.

"I think it's iconic people, iconic places, iconic moments, iconic food of the Iditarod, like pilot bread and peanut butter, different things," Schultz said. "A whole lot of great stories. Tricia has gone to great depths to make people aware of more important things that are in this -- in the Iditarod".

The book is a catalog of decades of stories, legends, and images from the Iditarod trail. It also looks into the things that come together for a race like this to take place, such as the vendors, the fans, and of course the dogs.

"Icons of the Iditarod" can be purchased at bookstores across the state, as well as larger retailers like Fred Meyer and Walmart.

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