Signed, sealed, delivered-- Jonathan Pomrenke is yours, Morningside College of Iowa.

"I really like the school. I had a couple of choices, went down and visited them, they were everything I was looking for, so, I'm excited for it," said Pomrenke, as he signed his National Letter of Intent surrounded by family and friends at the Colony High School Library.

Pomrenke's final season for the Knights ended in the fourth week of the season after he broke one of his ankles against West Anchorage High School.

"I think after what happened, it was one of the examples of persevering through adversity. It was something I dreamed about for a long time, I wasn't going to let that stop me from it," said Pomrenke.

Football is one of four sports the senior has played at Colony, along with basketball, track and wrestling.

"Sports has always been super important in my life, so I've always found ways to make time for it," Pomrenke said.

Despite that busy schedule, he's also found plenty of time for academics, Pomrenke currently holds a 3.9-grade point average.

"Once the sport of football goes away, you've got to stop one day, the only thing you have left is your brain, so I'm going to be preparing for more than football in college, I'm going to be preparing for my life after my career," said Pomrenke.

First, though, a detour, as Jonathan Pomrenke heads to Sioux City, Iowa to begin his college career and build on the base of excellence he started here in Alaska.

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