Wasilla Girl Scout Troop 857 is short one case of Tagalong cookies after a thief swiped it from the back of a truck at a stop light.

On Tuesday, Ryan Barth was helping transport cookies on his lunch break from his job at Pioneer Door. He had 100 cases piled in the back of his pickup and was headed toward Big Lake on the Parks Highway when he came to the stop light at Main Street.

Volunteer Ryan Barth shows how a thief stole a case of Girl Scout cookies from the back of his truck. (Heather Hintze/KTVA)


Barth noticed a young man in the car next to him -- a passenger, seated behind two females in the front seats -- get out and head towards his truck.

“He just walks up like it was nothing. He did’t even run back to the vehicle,” Barth said.

Barth put his truck in park and went after the cookies.

“He jumped in and he’s yelling, ‘Go, go!’ But it’s a red light.”

The two ended up in a short scuffle as Barth tried to get the young man out of the car.

"He kicked me in the chest and I’m like, ‘Come here', pulling on him and I got his shoe and his sock,” Barth said.

As Ryan Barth wrestled the suspects to get the cookies back he pulled off the man’s shoe and sock. (Courtesy Kristin Strawn)

Meanwhile, troop leader and “Cookie Mom” Kristin Strawn was watching the incident from her car, which was also loaded with 100 cases.

"I ran to the back of the car, pulled my cell phone out, took a picture of the license plate as they were yelling, 'Go, go, go, go!’ When the light turned green they closed the door and off they went,” Strawn recalled.

The car is a beige Ford Taurus with the license plate JGR470.

She called the Wasilla Police Department to file a report. The dispatcher asked if she was still following the suspect vehicle, but she was not.

"I’m not really interested in a high-speed chase over some Girl Scout Cookies,” Strawn said.

The scouts themselves only get 55 cents from every $5 box, sold so Strawn said losing an entire $60 case is a big deal.

The thief made off with a $60 case of Tagalongs. (Heather Hintze/KTVA)

This year Troop 857’s sales are expected to add up to about $1,000. Strawn said the girls plan to use that money to go to Alyeska.

“I’ve got three really experienced girls and three inexperienced girls and they want to teach each other how to be downhill skiers,” Strawn said.

She said another Girl Scout mom is making the suspect’s shoe, a white Nike Air, into a plaque for Barth.

Barth admits chasing after the suspects might not have been the best idea but said, "It’s something that you do. It isn’t smart to confront these people but at the same time, enough is enough.”

Strawn said she wants to make sure her girls don’t lose out on any of their sales.

“I did call the Girl Scout Council and they’re going to see if they can get us the money back,” Strawn said.

Wasilla's Boy Scouts have also suffered their share of theft this winter, with thousands of dollars in camping gear stolen from a Troop 300 storage shed in December.

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