Snow continues to pile up across Anchorage. Most of the areas saw six to 12 inches with the latest system after back-to-back storms on Thursday and Saturday. Many of you are probably wondering when the muni will get around to plowing your street. 

According to a Nixle sent out by Anchorage Street Maintenance Tuesday, crews are working to clear the portions of Anchorage that haven't been plowed yet from the "back-to-back-to-back-to-back snowfalls".

"Normally, plow crews remove the snow in a tandem plow formation to provide the most efficient, quality service," the Nixle said. "Having experienced the 4th snow event in the past 5 days, plows will be running in a single formation instead of a tandem formation in order to remove snow from streets more quickly and relieve pressure on the neighborhoods and provide residents a path out."

According to the Municipality of Anchorage's website, it's their goal to have muni-maintained roads and sidewalks cleared within 72 hours of a snow event. 

"The quality of this plowing may not be what you are used to, but plows will be back around once the entire Municipality has received a response and the streets have been opened up. With second round of plowing, we will return to tandem teams to ensure quality and quantity snow removal," Anchorage Street Maintenance said. 

Snow hauling and street widening will take place after the second round of plowing is completed. Muni-maintained trails and sidewalks are in the process of getting a fourth round of clearing. 

Since midnight on Tuesday, there have been reports of 54 vehicles in distress, 16 non-injury accidents and no injuries related to the latest snowfall, according to Anchorage Police.

If you want to know when crews are headed to your neighborhood, there's a map for that-- click here. The page also offers lots of other information, including which roads specifically are muni-maintained. 

The muni also reiterates the following guidelines the public needs to know and follow:

  • Please limit on-street parking in all areas during snow plowing and removal operations.
  • Snow removal from driveways is the responsibility of the property owner.
  • Snow from driveways cannot be shoveled or plowed into the street right-of-way or onto sidewalks. This is a violation of Municipal Code Title 24.80.090 and could result in a citation.
  • It is illegal to park vehicles in the middle of a cul-de-sac per Municipal Code Title 9.30.030, A13.
    Vehicles parked in a cul-de-sac during snow plowing or removal operations may result in a citation and/or towing.
  • There may be some deviation in the plowing patterns on trash days.

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