The trial of six people charged in 36-year-old Weston Gladney’s death has been moved from Palmer to Anchorage.

Troopers found Gladney’s burned body in the Jim Creek area on December 2, 2017. Through their investigation, though, found Gladney had been shot and killed in Anchorage.

Attorneys for the suspects filed a motion to change the venue to Anchorage.

In a Palmer courtroom on Monday, Judge Vanessa White granted the motion because “The majority of the alleged crime occurred in Anchorage."

It’s a complicated case involving a web of six suspects.

Top (L to R): Shawn Phillips, Jeffrey Enosa, Helen Them; Bottom (L to R): Brian Scheele, Joseph Ahuna, Paulette Kane

Jeffrey Enosa, 31, along with 56-year-old Brian Sheele, 42-year-old Joseph Ahuna and 34-year-old Paulette Kane are all charged with first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder. Enosa, Scheele and Ahuna are also charged with two counts each of tampering with evidence. 

Helen Them, 27 is charged with manslaughter.

Shawn Phillips, 48, is also charged with tampering with evidence for allegedly helping transport Gladness’ body from the murder site at Scheele’s home on South Heather Meadows Loop in Anchorage.

Witnesses told troopers Enosa pulled the trigger. At her arraignment in December, Kane also pointed the finger at Enosa, telling the judge, “Enosa did it.”

It will be up to an Anchorage judge to set a new trial date for the suspects.

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