A Friday morning fire at a Fairview town home killed three people including a kindergarten boy.

Anchorage Fire Department says 25 of their units responded fearing the fire would spread to one the connecting townhomes. Crews were able to stop the fire from spreading, but neighbors who saw the fire burning said there are no words to describe it.

"Seeing that house on fire just took my breath away," said Denise Henrickson.

Hendrickson said she felt terror as she watched her neighbors' house explode in flames early Friday morning.

"I was walking to my car and I heard a loud explosion,” Henrickson said. “I almost thought it was a gunshot at first, when I got to my car; I actually looked up.”

When Henrickson looked up she saw nothing but flames.

After calling 911 she did the only thing she could, sit and wait for the fire department to arrive.

"Tragic, just to come out of the house to see that the fire is coming out so high,” said Henrickson. “They were fast and furious. It was pretty heart-wrenching, because out house is right here. It could have come over to this side you know. With my daughter in the back room, I was immediately worried."

Henrickson wasn’t the only one worried about the fire spreading from one connected condo.

"I looked out the window and saw firetrucks so I was more concerned,” said Jeff Murray. “I mean we are all connected together and you know especially in the middle of the night. Having an elderly parent in here it takes a little bit to get him up and get him out of the situation. So I was very concerned when i saw it was a fire."

Murray says this isn’t the first fire in the neighborhood. In fact there was one just last year.

"Yeah, right across the street here as far as I know it was mostly smoke damage."

A few hours after the fatal fire, another fire flared up in a connecting condo right next door.

"You can see the house right there and then with everyone having woodsheds right next to it it's just a matter of time was it going to spread was it going to go to the next house," Henrickson said.

Neighbors say are torn right now, happy the fire didn't spread to all of the other condos but heartbroken to hear three were lost in the fire.

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