The Alaska Department of Fish and Game is asking Anchorage residents to be on the lookout for moose this weekend. And if you see one, officials want to know about it.

The department is conducting a moose count Friday, Saturday and Sunday to try and determine how many moose live in the Anchorage Bowl. Biologist Dave Battle said they need the public's help.

"We would not be able to pull this off without citizens calling in and reporting locations of moose because we can go out and drive around looking for moose, but if the moose is in somebody's back yard, we are never going to see it," Battle said.

Battle said there are several ways you can report moose to Fish and Game so that biologists respond -- call 267-2530, text to 782-5051 or go online to Fish and Game's website.

Fish and Game biologists are also using a dart gun to collect a tiny sample of each moose's DNA. Battle said the count is just for three days but it may be several months before they have final numbers.

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