Technology is keeping kids on the couch. True, it's a digital age. However, kids need to know the wave of the future; they also need to be kids.

That's where PLAAY enters. Positive Leadership for Active Alaska is an annual event run by the Alaska Sports Hall of Fame encourages kids to get up and be active.

"I think technology is a big problem," said Claire Ellis, a physical education teacher at Willow Crest Elementary School in Anchorage, one of the schools participating in the program. "Kids would rather be playing video games or be on their cellphones instead of outside being active." 

It needs to change. According to the Alaska Health Department, nearly 18 percent of students in the state are overweight-- that's up from four years ago. Fourteen percent of the kids are obese.

Adults can help reverse the trend with some simple encouragement. 

"Just going for a walk. If you've got a dog, going for walks around the block is great. And basketball, just shooting some hoops. Even video games can get you active if you're dancing or engaged in more of those physical video games," said Ellis.

Student Azlin Gonzalez agrees.

"So I can be healthy when I grow up and have good health," she said.  

After all, having fun is easy. 

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