Anchorage Police say they're searching for a man after an argument with his girlfriend led to a frightening ride in a car.

Police say 29-year-old Richard Frye has an outstanding felony warrant for third-degree assault and third-degree criminal mischief for the alleged incident earlier this month.

They say Frye started driving recklessly in the car after arguing with his girlfriend. They say Frye threatened to kill them both by wrecking the car. Police say Frye eventually allowed her to get out of the car when she started screaming for help out the window.

Police say they applied for a warrant when they couldn't locate the suspect. They say five days later, Frye emailed explicit photos of the victim to dozens of people she knows and then sent a threatening text directly to the victim. 

Police ask anyone with information on Frye's whereabouts should call Police Dispatch at 786-8900 (press “0” to speak with an operator).  To remain anonymous, people may contact Crime Stoppers at 561-STOP or online at

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