Tuckerman Babcock, the chair of the Alaska Republican Party, told KTVA on Monday, March 26, that the Alaska Republican Party proudly supports Rebecca Logan for mayor.

"The State Central Committee voted to support Rebecca Logan for Mayor on December 2, 2017. No motions were made to modify that support during our last meeting March 10."


The chairman of the Alaska Republican Party says it may withdraw its endorsement of mayoral candidate Rebecca Logan if she cannot explain an ethics issue KTVA discovered in her past.

After searching publicly available court records, KTVA found lawsuits by two banks and a pawn shop against Logan for nonpayment on personal accounts, and a bounced check in the 2000s. But, the issue goes beyond bad credit-- the documents show that in one of the lawsuits, Logan used her position as a bookkeeper to evade a court order.

In 2007, a judge ordered Logan's wages be garnished to pay Key Bank $13,209 for her failure to pay on a "personal line of credit."

Records note that at the time, Logan was the payroll officer for her employer, Associated Builders and Contractors of Alaska, which means Logan was responsible for garnishing her own wages.

Court documents reveal Logan did garnish her wages, but only partially; then, six months later, she stopped them altogether.

It appears Logan was using her position of power to block the judge's orders.

In an interview with Tuckerman Babcock, Chairman of the Alaska GOP, KTVA inquired as to whether Logan should be trusted in a position of power, following the discovery of this information.

"Well, I am completely confident she's a better candidate than Ethan Berkowitz, and I do hope that you're able to talk to her and she can talk to you about why that particular series of events occurred," Babcock replied. 

KTVA reached out to Logan for clarification on the matter Wednesday. The candidate referred KTVA to an online statement that did not address the issue.

When KTVA repeated its request, we did not receive a response. 

Watch the full interview with Babcock below: 

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