On Tuesday night, the Anchorage School Board unanimously passed the collective bargaining agreement with the Anchorage Education Association. The deal is a one year contract with the Anchorage School District through June 30, 2018.

"Like any deal, there was some give and take," AEA Vice President Molly Deming said. "I feel both sides are good with the outcome and now we can just move forward."

Both sides have agreed to meet again in April at the bargaining table to begin negotiations for the next contract. The teachers union and the school district had a tentative contract in place in November 2017 that was eventually voted down by the union with concerns regarding the language of the contract.

"This process has drawn out for a long time, and while neither AEA or ASD got everything they were looking for in this contract," AEA President Tom Klaameyer said. "It does improve the working and learning conditions in our public schools, and I'd like to thank each and every member of our association for participating in this process."

Both sides met five times in the month of January to work out the language in the contract. AEA held an informal meeting on February 13 to discuss the contract. On Friday, the union agreed on the contract and presented it before the school board on Tuesday evening.  

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