Charging documents released to KTVA on Tuesday provide further insight into a shooting that left a 33-year-old man dead last month. 

Kortez Brown, 33, was found with a gunshot wound outside of a home in the 8100 block of East 36th Avenue just before 10 p.m. on January 13. He was later declared deceased due to the gunshot wound. 

A witness told detectives that she went to the home to confront Carlton Tarkington "over relationship issues", charging documents state, when her husband, Brown, arrived and walked towards the front door; that's when, the witness says, someone unknown inside the house began shooting. 

A second witness reported to police seeing Brown approach the residence and attempt to force entry by hitting the front door with a baseball bat when he was shot. 

A third witness told detectives that she knows Brown "to be armed" and told police she was sitting on the couch in the living room of the home when Brown started banging on the door. She stated Aarron Settje had a rifle and was by the door, telling Brown three times to "stand down" before Brown yelled "F*** you" and kicked the door. That's when Settje fired a shot through the door, the third witness reported. 

She continued that Settje took the rifle with him when he fled, though she didn't notice if he picked up the expended cartridge casings. 

Tarkington told detectives that a woman, referenced in this story as the first witness, arrived at the home that night and "started a disturbance regarding rumors of [an] alleged relationship with him". Tarkington, according to charging documents, heard a loud bang and signs that windows of vehicles in the driveway were being broken out. Tarkington told detectives that he saw Settje with a rifle pointed towards the front door and said he couldn't see who was on the front porch. 

Tarkington continued that he heard Settje say multiple times to the person outside that he was armed and to stop kicking the door; that's when he heard the same expletive-filled reply from outside and then a loud noise at the front door. 

Charging documents say that the Anchorage Police crime scene team found a large knife, a baseball bat with fresh damage and two .223 cartridge casings in the driveway of the residence. Documents say the front door showed signs of fresh damage, consistent with what "could have only been caused by a baseball bat used to force entry". Several vehicles were also noted to have sustained broken windows. 

Crime scene reconstruction shows approximately six shots had been fired from behind the front door, though no cartridge casings were found inside the home, nor inside the involved vehicles; a black rifle case was found empty near the front door. 

Settje was arrested Friday at a south Anchorage Target store following a tip from a citizen. Settje, who has a lengthy list of prior convictions, is charged with two counts of tampering with physical evidence. He's accused of disposing of the gun involved and the cartridge casings.

At his arraignment Sunday, Settje made obscene gestures and used offensive language towards the court. 

Tarkington was arrested as a person of interest in the case last month. 

Stephen Settje, who allegedly robbed Sportsman's Warehouse with Aarron on January 30, is still on the run.

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