An Anchorage man is accused of assaulting his girlfriend and then attempting to coerce her to change her story. 

Douglas Barker, 30, was released on bail November 30, 2017, in connection with a domestic violence case, and he was ordered to not have contact with the victim. A month-and-a-half later, on January 17, a neighbor reported to Anchorage Police that Barker was back living at the home of the victim and had recently undergone surgery on her face due to a new assault.

APD conducted a compliance check and found Barker was staying there and confirmed the victim had new injuries, according to charging documents. 

Officers determined that on January 9, Barker punched the woman in the head and knocked her to the ground, then proceeded to stomp on her head while she was on the ground, charging documents allege. The attack allegedly stemmed from jealousy over the victim meeting friends at a local restaurant. 

Several days later, Barker took the victim to the hospital when her pain worsened, where medical professionals determined the victim had suffered fractures in her orbital socket, her sinus and her jaw. The victim underwent several surgeries to treat her injuries. 

Barker was arraigned on new assault charges on January 18 at 1 p.m., where he was ordered once again to not have contact with the victim. Charging documents state Barker-- just hours after his arraignment-- made phone calls to the victim-- six total the day of his arraignment, and another seven in the days following. 

Charging documents state that during the phone calls, Barker told the victim to pay his bail and to make sure his things are protected; they also discussed the facts of the case as well as the victim's upcoming surgeries. 

In one of the phone calls, Barker told the victim to tell his attorney that the victim didn't report that Barker had pushed her to the ground, beat her and stomped her on the face, the charging documents allege.

"If you say that, all they'll have is me talking to you now and can't charge the assault 'cause it didn't happen," Barker allegedly said in a phone call on January 19. 

Barker is facing numerous charges in connection with this case, including second-degree assault, first-degree tampering with a witness, unlawful contact and violations of conditions of release.

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