On this Travel Tuesday, we want to show you how you can take a tour of one of the most scenic and remote areas of Alaska.

Brendan Ryan, co-owner of Liquid Adventures, joined Daybreak on Tuesday to talk about a new kayak tour out of Seward -- his business is offering to remote locations in the Northwestern Fjord.

The adventures are called the Aialik, or the Northwestern Explorer, and it launches this Summer. It gives locals and visitors opportunities to kayak either Aialik Bay or the Northwestern Fjord.

The main objective of the journey will be wildlife viewing. The guides will help kayakers navigate through the rocky coastline in search of whales, sea lions and more.

Liquid Adventures will begin taking tours out starting in mid to late May. There is also a 20 percent discount for Alaskans.

You can find more details at liquid-adventures.com.

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