Senator Lisa Murkowski (R) is back in Alaska talking about the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Murkowski joined Congressman Don Young (R) Monday night for a dinner hosted by Commonwealth North at the Petroleum Club of Anchorage.

Both talked about decades of efforts to open up ANWR for oil and gas exploration.

Last year, they made a breakthrough when President Donald Trump’s tax bill received Congress’ approval. Next, the federal government must hold at least two lease sales featuring the coastal plain area within the next decade.

“These are new prospects. In other words, this is new wealth. This is a new opportunity for Alaskans. We don't want to get too excited and say, ‘where is my job tomorrow?’ This is going to be a process moving forward,” Sen. Murkowski said. 

But not everyone wanted to hear about ANWR.

“Stop killing our children with guns,” someone in the back of the room chanted.

A small group of protesters appeared in the club’s dining room, holding signs calling for changes in our nation’s gun laws

It comes on the heels of the recent shooting at a Florida high school that killed 17 students.

Protester Dana Dardis, of Anchorage, refused to leave and Anchorage Police were called to escort her from the building. 

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Steve Quinn contributed to this report. 

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