An Anchorage woman said she's usually pretty good about looking out for moose but she didn't see the one that attacked her dog on Saturday.

Kim Mahosky's 9-year-old Cocker spaniel Daisy was stomped several times inside her fenced yard in Midtown Anchorage on Saturday.

On Monday, Daisy was resting comfortably at home following hours of emergency surgery over the weekend.

"When the hoof hit the top of her, it actually ripped the muscle and all the fat off the bone and the doctor had to sew that back up," said Mahosky. "So she has rows and rows of stitches inside of her."

Mahosky said moose are common in her neighborhood, but when she let her two dogs out that day, she never saw a moose calf on the side of her house or the mother moose who was lingering nearby. She said neighbors also keep an eye out for moose and alert each other but no one did.

"Normally, if we see them out there, obviously we don't go, 'oh here, dog, run out and you know [chase the moose].' We are very cautious about that."

Mahosky said she ran outside when she heard the dogs barking, just in time to see the mother moose, who had hopped the fence, in her yard with the baby. The adult moose stomped Daisy several times and the incident was caught on security video. The video is disturbing to watch, but Mahosky said she wants people to see how aggressive moose can be.

"If you get between a mama and a baby she is going to retaliate. If she's a handful to be around, relocate her. Don't leave her in a neighborhood where there's a bunch of kids and animals."

As for Daisy, Mahosky said she's feeling fairly confident that she'll recover, even though she's not out of the woods just yet. If all goes well she could have her stitches out in a couple of weeks.

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