A well-known bull moose with a famously overgrown set of antlers was struck and killed near Merrill Field early Saturday morning, according to a local non-profit group.

Don Dyer, executive director of the Alaska Moose Federation, said the moose – dubbed “Hook” by its admirers – was hit by a car on the 2600 block of East 5th Avenue, just west of the Northway Mall. Dyer was called to the scene at about 5 a.m.

“I was able to identify him right on the spot,” Dyer said.

A post on the federation's Facebook page Saturday evening said Hook's death wasn't in vain.

"Hook's remains were transported to the assigned Salvage Team in Wasilla, a family with four children," Dyer wrote. "Nearly 90% of the meat was salvageable and will be a source of high quality protein for this nice family for many months. I explained to the family the fame of Hook the moose, that was now laying on the floor of their garage. This great family was kind and generous in their willingness to donate the inedible remains of Hook to AMF."

Photographer Coby Brock, who has taken numerous photos of Hook, said he also visited the scene of the crash. Although Hook's antlers had shed, he and Dyer were able to identify the moose from scars on its face and ankle.

Although Hook’s life has ended, Dyer hopes future generations can see the unique bull in death with some work on its hide by Knight's Taxidermy.

“We were able to skin him in such a way that we can do a full-body mount, so that we can display him in perpetuity,” Dyer said. “It would be somewhere where tourists can see him and appreciate him, somewhere in public.”

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