Anchorage’s teachers union has ratified a one-year contract deal with the Anchorage School District, potentially resolving a dispute in which teachers sent a previous proposal back to the drawing board.

The Anchorage Education Association announced the ratification of the deal in a statement Friday night.

“Providing the best possible education for every student in the ASD is our No. 1 priority,” AEA president Tom Klaameyer said in a statement. “This process has drawn out for a long time and while neither AEA nor ASD got everything they were looking for in this contract it does improve the working and learning conditions of our public schools and I’d like to thank each and every member of our association for participating in this process.”

An earlier version of the contract had been tentatively agreed to in November, but was rejected by the union. ASD and the union reached a new tentative agreement in January, covering more than 3,300 ASD employees.

The contract is still subject to ratification by the Anchorage School Board. According to AEA, the union hopes to continue negotiations in April to “improve contract language” in the agreement.

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