Some of Alaska’s refugees from the Congo had a chance to share their food and culture Thursday.

They call it a pop-up restaurant, organized by Catholic Social Services (CSS), who helps to resettle about 130 refugees each year.

The refugees cooked, waited tables and washed dishes. The idea behind the event is to give hands-on training to refugees like Koleta Kangeta, who was born in the Congo and fled to Tanzania before coming to Anchorage.

She says it was fun to see people enjoying food from her home country. She hopes to put her new job skills to use here in Anchorage, and perhaps stay in the foodservice industry.

"She’s happy when she is with people to be with them and when she serves them and they say its delicious, she’s very happy," Kangeta said.

The meal was by invitation only. It cost $25 and all the proceeds went directly to the refugees.

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