The Anchorage School District is urging people to slow down after drivers hit four of its school buses in one day.

Chuck Moore, ASD’s senior director of transportation, said the four crashes happened in different parts of Anchorage and Eagle River on Valentine’s Day -- all within the same hour.

Three of the buses were driving when they were struck; one was stopped and unloading students when it was hit from behind.

“It’s been a combination of folks rear-ending us, sliding in front of us, hitting us from the side,” Moore explained.

All four had children on board but no one was injured in any of the crashes.

“There’s always that chance when there’s an accident out there either the students, the driver or the drivers of the other vehicles could be hurt,” Moore said, adding the damage estimate from the February 14 crashes came to about $5,000.

Damage to an Anchorage school bus after it was hit by a driver.

He said a total of 11 buses have hit in the past three weeks. Moore said buses typically drive slower and make frequent stops. He advises drivers to adjust their speed accordingly, especially if the roads are slippery.

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