A controversial measure on April's ballot drew a parade of protesters Tuesday evening. 

It's one of a handful of campaigns designed to educate the public on the upcoming ballot measure of how public bathrooms will be regulated in Anchorage. 

Opponents gathered for a "Potty Gras" parade Tuesday evening. Its purpose was to spread awareness and encourage people to vote no on Proposition 1, alsok known as the "bathroom bill." 

The issue is a controversial one, as the measure seeks to regulate bathrooms, locker rooms and other intimate spaces on the basis of someone's birth sex rather than current identity. 

If voters approve the ballot measure, it will amend a 2015 law passed by the Assembly barring discrimination against people who identify themselves as transgender. 

Mayor Ethan Berkowitz opposes the measure, calling it a distraction.

Supporters say the measure will protect people's privacy in locker rooms and give churches and private businesses the freedom to regulate bathrooms with their own beliefs. 

KTVA reached out to supporters of the bill and have not yet heard back. 

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