Workers at the Alaska Zoo are keeping a close eye on Louie, the zoo's remaining polar bear.

Zoo Director Pat Lampi said Louie has been in a bit of a funk since shortly after his companion of 12 years, Ahpun, died in late December.

A team of doctors examining Louie discovered an abscess on one of his elbows that they drained, but Lampi said something still didn't seem right with the male bear.

"The doctors took a lot of other tissue samples since we had just lost Apuhn, just to be careful," said Lampi. "Some of those tests are still coming back, but his blood values were all good and he's getting a wide spectrum of antibiotics so any bacterial infection is being covered."

Lampi said in the last few days Louie does seem to be improving, but they still plan to monitor him closely.

"Of course we are concerned but we've pretty much done everything that can be done, so just trying to keep on him and make sure he's taking his meds. But all the staff agrees that he seems to be doing better."

As for a new companion, Lampi said the zoo is definitely open to the idea but polar bears aren't easy to come by. He's put out the word that the Alaska Zoo is looking if a bear becomes available.

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