It takes a steady hand and extreme concentration. Members of the South Anchorage High School Junior ROTC Rifle Team have their eyes on the prize. This is their final practice, before the JROTC Service Championship in Arizona. It's an event featuring the region's top JROTC teams, representing all of the services.

"Last year, we made it all the way to nationals, and at nationals, we walked away first in the Air Force," says retired LTC Jesus Ramos, the Senior Aerospace Science Instructor.

Not bad for a program only 15 years old. However, success comes challenge.

"Trying to find enough practice time for the different shooters. We have a small range here at South, we only have six lanes, but, I have eight shooters, it's always a constant juggle," says Ramos.

This type of competition can also be mentally challenging.

"The way you think about things affects the way you shoot, your mood affects how you shoot, your attitude affects how you shoot, so, you just have to learn how to have a good attitude about it," says Cadet LTC Jaelyn Drenon, the unit's commanding officer.

But, being part of the rifle team has its rewards.

"I think the focus, that I'm able to do here, can help with academics, it can also serve as a break from academics. Time to just refresh my mind," says Rifle Team member Justice Augustine.

That leaves competitors with a pretty good shot at another title.

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