Bigger, better and more freedom to play. The Scotty Gomez Foundation is preparing for its 4th Annual Last Frontier Pond Hockey Classic.

“We want this to be a national tournament,” said Carlos Gomez, the director of the foundation and organizer of the hockey tournament. “Last year we had two teams from outside.”

Gomez hopes The Pond Hockey Classic will be the last tournament people attend to finish out the pond hockey circuit.

“The key, hopefully, we’re the only state that has a lake in March," he said.

The tournament has 100 teams in 11 divisions; including a novice division for people who may be newer to the sport or just want to have a good time.

“It’s a kickback tournament… it’s a fun thing,” Gomez said. “Obviously hockey, you can’t take the competitive out of it.”

All the money raised will toward the Scotty Gomez Foundation; its mission is to give every kid an opportunity to play hockey.

“We supply gear, pretty much subsidize most kids that play for us,” Gomez said. “I think we have 170 kids playing for our association. If it wasn’t for us, probably 130 [kids] wouldn’t be playing, I don’t think.”

The family-friendly hockey tournament is March 9-11th at the Burkeshore Marina in Big Lake. The three-day tournament will also have music, karaoke and a free firework show.

The last day to register for The Last Frontier Pond Hockey Classic is March 1. To register, go here.