Anchorage Police caught up with 35-year-old Maggie May Rhodes Thursday night after searching for her on an outstanding warrant. They say she sprayed the father of her child with pepper spray during an argument. 

Anchorage Police spokesperson Renee Oistad says officers with the department's warrants unit found Rhodes' car outside her residence, made contact with her, then took her into custody. 

On Wednesday, Rhodes spoke out on Facebook. She discussed the number of homicides in Anchorage, as well as rapes and robberies. 

"... and they are worried about me defending myself against a Man charging towards me like a 300 pound Rabid Grizzly Bear," she said in the Facebook post.

She added, "Last time I checked, defending yourself with Pepper Spray -that can be purchased at your local Walmart for $9.99- IS NOT ILLEGAL...Correct?"

Police said there was no probable cause to justify any charges for the other person involved in the altercation. Police say Rhodes was also wanted on a second warrant for failing to appear on an operating under the influence charge.

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