Some people who live in a Sand Lake neighborhood said they were taken by surprise when they learned a developer wants to put in hundreds of apartment units next to a local park. But, the project has actually been in the works for several years, and the developer, Michael Bullock, said he was surprised that some residents didn't know about the proposal.

The complex would sit on a six-acre parcel that is close to Dimond High School, directly above the Campbell Creek Greenbelt that includes a field where people go sledding, play soccer and walk dogs. Bullock said the plan calls for a landscaped development with approximately 260 apartment units, as well as space for a restaurant, retail area and possibly a gym. The apartments would be spread out over six buildings, the tallest would be six stories high.

Some residents have concerns about congestion in the area, particularly when it comes to traffic.

"My biggest concern would be all the people shoe-horned into that little space," said Chris Borst, who lives nearby. "If the development goes the way they want, it could have a big impact on the people who live here."

"We already have concerns about Dimond High School," said another neighbor Cyndy Kroon. "It's so congested in the morning, at lunchtime. And when they get out at 2:30, it's incredible, there are kids everywhere."

But Bullock said he's already done a traffic study that's been approved by both the city and the state. He also pointed out that two years ago, he got a letter of approval for the project from the Sand Lake Community Council.

Bullock said he intends to keep neighbors updated and there will be plenty of opportunity for public involvement. At some point, a public hearing will be scheduled in front of the Municipal Department of Planning and Zoning, as well as the Anchorage Assembly.

Bullock said if the project is ultimately approved they could break ground in the summer of 2019.

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