Helping young adults find a solid job, even those who are still in high school -- Sophia Metters, president of the Graduation Assistance Program (GAP) and Tomeka King, HR manager for Anchorage Securitas joined Daybreak on Wednesday to talk about what's in store at the 2018 youth job fair. 

On March 3, the GAP Program will hold it's first youth job fair. There you'll find the Department of Labor and businesses like Shockwave and Securitas in attendance. 

"We're hiring security officers, King said. "The ideal candidate is 18 and over. We have positions for people who are high school graduates and it is security officers. What we're teaching them is the TSA type of work. We do TSA for princess cruise ships that come in from may to September. It's ideal for high school students or college students that are on break."

The job fair is Saturday, March 3 at the Northway Mall from 1 - 5 p.m. 

Make sure to bring your resume!

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