What would you do if you saw a cat stuck in a tree in below-zero temps? An Anchorage woman says she first saw a cat stuck in a tree in the Muldoon area on Friday-- and Tuesday, the kitty was finally rescued.

Neighbors don't know who the cat belongs to, but everyone agreed it needed to come down. 

When Lacy May West first noticed it, she started making calls. 

Anchorage Animal Control took a look at the towering Cottonwood tree and decided this was a job for an expert. 

Ben Pulcino was the right man for the job. He works for Gage Tree Trimmers as a professional tree trimmer-- and cat rescuer. 

"Alright, kitty. Just don't jump on me," Pulcino said as he scaled the tree. "You got it, kitty. Hang tight, baby."

It wasn't long before he had climbed as high as he could safely do so, and he used a long-armed grabber to reach ahold of the stranded cat. 

"Got him!" Pulcino said. "I'm just so relieved. I felt so bad for that cat."

"It was just a screaming demon up there," Pulcino said. "I feel bad choking him out there. I think you did great-- way better than him being up there-- way better."

The cat was microchipped and Animal Control was able to contact its owner, according to Anchorage Animal Care and Control spokesperson Laura Atwood. 

For now, it's off to the shelter and away from the treetops. 

Normally, Pulcino says he charges $200 to rescue a cat in a tree. But, he felt bad for this one and did the job for half price.

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