Anchorage police have named a man officers found shot to death in a Spenard trailer home late last month, saying he was the father of a man fatally shot by APD in a 2013 chase.

APD spokeswoman Renee Oistad said Tuesday that 52-year-old Carl R. Bowie Jr. was the man killed on Jan. 28, in the Penguin Trailer Court on the 3400 block of Spenard Road, prompting a massive overnight response. Police said at the time that Bowie was shot in the torso, during what investigators believed to be a drug-related incident.

Oistad said that Bowie was the father of 27-year-old Carl Bowie III, who was shot and killed by APD officers on Feb. 19, 2013 in South Anchorage as he drove a stolen pickup truck at officers. State prosecutors subsequently cleared the two officers who fired on Bowie of criminal wrongdoing.

Although police haven’t made any arrests in last month’s shooting or released further details about it, Oistad emphasized that police had “absolutely no involvement” in the elder Bowie’s death.

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