William Lamon Jackson's face is likely a familiar one -- he's been featured in several Anchorage commercials -- and now he's back on the streets, despite being accused of sexual assault by Anchorage police. 

According to a recent Anchorage police alert, 27-year-old Jackson has been charged in a sexual assault investigation which "highly indicates the likelihood of additional victims."

More than a week before that alert was released, however, Jackson was released from custody.

According to court documents, a woman told police in October that she was with Jackson at his home watching a movie when he started kissing her. 

The woman clarified there were no phone calls or text messages prior to the meeting that were sexual in nature. 

Five minutes after the woman rejected the advance, she said Jackson began kissing her again. Eventually, after the woman says she'd pushed Jackson away and pulled away from him, she told APD Jackson forcefully placed her on the floor, attempted twice to pull her shirt up, and began grinding on her. 

The complaint document filed by APD says the woman eventually got away and tried to leave the home, but as she was putting on her snow skirt and shoes, Jackson assaulted her again.

"Jackson pinned her against the wall pushing his body weight and both arms on each side of her and began kissing her," police wrote. "[The victim] again could feel Jackson rubbing his penis against her thigh through their clothing. [The victim] then began to leave the downstairs living area and Jackson again pushed [the victim] against the wall near the stairs at which point he began kissing her again. [The victim] stated once he stopped she was able to leave the residence." 

In January, APD got a warrant to record a phone call between the woman and Jackson. During the call, Jackson told the victim "he understood it was sexual assault," that he "was really turned on in the moment," and that he "made poor decisions he shouldn't have made."

Court documents say Jackson apologized to the woman twice during the call. 

Alaska's new bail system, which went into effect this year, makes computer-generated determinations of suspects' flight and recidivism risks which factor into judges' bail decisions. 

The risk assessment tool assessed Jackson as low risk, and recommended he be released on his own recognizance, with supervision by the State's Pretrial Enforcement Division.

At his Jan. 24 arraignment on a second-degree sexual-assault charge, the judge followed the recommendation, releasing Jackson on an unsecured bond, with ordered pretrial supervision.

"The position my office took at arraignment was, we asked for a cash performance bond and we asked for electronic monitoring," said Assistant District Attorney Kevin Bergt who is prosecuting the case.

Jackson's conditions of release permit a pretrial enforcement officer to require he check in as many as five times a week, and ban him from any direct or indirect contact with his accuser, but he is not on electronic monitoring.

"The judge followed the law," explained Bergt, noting that because Jackson's accused of a sex offense, an exception in the system allows the judge to go against the release recommendation.

"The judge had the discretion to impose a monetary bail or to grant the state's request, but in this case, the judge found that there wasn't sufficient evidence to overcome that presumptive [release on his own recognizance] and declined the state's request."

Bergt says APD's suspicion of additional potential victims isn't enough for the state to challenge the decision.

"The state would have to bring them some kind of concrete evidence," Bergt said. "I can tell you that side of the investigation is still ongoing." 

Bail can be revisited in Jackson's case if the state obtains new evidence in the case, or if Jackson violates his conditions of release. 

In an email to KTVA Monday, Gayle Brown, an attorney representing Jackson, wrote, "Mr. Jackson will not be making any comments about his case.  Please refer any questions you may have about his case to me but be advised that at this time I am not authorized to make any comments."

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