It is one of the oldest food pantries in Anchorage, but the people it serves don't need to visit.

F.I.S.H., which stands for Fellowship In Serving Humanity, actually delivers food to people's doors. The non-profit, which has international chapters, started in Anchorage in 1997.

Board President Raissa D'Antonio said the food pantry is for anyone who has a need. You simply need to call and ask for help.

"We are all-volunteer and we are neighbors helping neighbors," said D'Antonio. "So if your neighbor came by and said, hey, I can't get to the store I need some spaghetti, you probably wouldn't ask them to fill out a form, you would just help them and that's what we do."

F.I.S.H. operates Monday, Wednesday and Friday, on a first come basis. People who need food can call 227-0818 on any of those days starting at 8:00 am. They'll be advised to leave a message with contact information and a volunteer will call back the first twenty people on the list. D'Antonio said the charity can only serve 20 families a day, which translates to about 300 a month. People aren't allowed to use the pantry more than once a month.

D'Antonio said it's difficult to tell if the need for food is increasing in Anchorage since F.I.S.H. limits the number of people they serve. But she said she has noticed larger families that need help. The non-profit is always looking for volunteers interested in shopping, bagging and delivering food.

More information on F.I.S.H. is available on its website.

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