Charges have been dismissed against a Bethel Police officer who was accused of repeatedly punching his girlfriend last month. 

In early January, officer Martin Oulton, 24, was arrested and charged with fourth-degree assault after being accused of punching his girlfriend after she confronted him about a series of text messages he'd received. The woman initially reported Oulton punched her multiple times in the shoulders and punched her in the stomach. 

The responding officer wrote in the affidavit that he observed red markings on the woman's shoulders but did not see any swelling or bruising on her stomach. He continued, saying Oulton admitted to having an argument but stated the fight never became physical. Both Oulton and his girlfriend appeared to have been drinking, according to the affidavit. 

Monday, the Bethel Police Department announced that after completing their internal review of Oulton's arrest that the "evidence does not support further administrative action" and Oulton would be reinstated to full duty. 

BPD forwarded their investigation to the Office of Special Prosecutions, which ultimately declined to prosecute Oulton on the assault charges. 

The decision to return Oulton to full duty status was made "based on the totality of all of the information before the police department and not because the State declined to prosecute". 

Oulton graduated from the police academy last November and has been in an officer position in Bethel since July 2017. 

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