The producers of long-running CBS game show “The Price Is Right” say they will send more than $63,000 in prizes to a Bethel nurse who was seen scoring a big win on the show this week, resolving a hang-up which might have stranded most of her winnings in Anchorage.

Joni Beckham won the final Showcase Showdown during the episode which aired Monday. Bethel public radio station KYUK reported this week that Beckham said the show wouldn’t deliver her prizes, including two cars, anywhere in the state beyond Anchorage or offer her their cash equivalent.

A Friday email from FremantleMedia North America, the production company behind “The Price Is Right,” said Beckham’s prizes would indeed be delivered to Bethel.

“’The Price Is Right’ covers the fees involved with the delivery of prizes,” FremantleMedia officials wrote. “Contestants are responsible for paying the applicable state and federal taxes as required by law.”

Reached by phone Saturday in Bethel, Beckham confirmed that the show’s producers had changed their tune.

“I actually started making arrangements for family and friends to collect my winnings, so I could keep it there until I could ship it up to Alaska to be with me,” Beckham said. “But I recently – actually, just yesterday – got in touch back with the producers of the show and they have said that they would get it to me no matter what.”

Beckham said she went to a taping of the show in November with her sister, as a “bucket list” item during a trip to Los Angeles. Her win, on the episode shown this week, was every bit as much of a surprise.

“I remember when I was 11 years old, watching with my grandma, I used to tell my grandma every day that I was going to be on ‘The Price Is Right’ and I was going to win both the showcases,” Beckham said. “So when that moment came true, I can’t even express how exciting and wonderful it was.”

In Monday’s episode, Beckham was initially called down from the audience to bid on three iPad tablet computers. Her bid, $1,597, was the only one from four contestants not to exceed their actual retail price: $1,727.

Beckham was asked to play a game called Cover Up, in which contestants cover up incorrect numbers in the price of a car with a pool of other numbers to win it; a wrong guess still lets the contestant try again, if at least one changed number from the latest guess was right. She didn’t win the 2018 Honda Fix, however, after guessing $18,590 and $18,975 against its price of $18,354.

Her place at the episode’s finale was sealed when she scored a devastating 90 cents in two spins – 55 and 35 cents – against two other contenders for the Showcase Showdown’s second spot. One of the others was disqualified when she went over a dollar, spinning 40 and 65 cents; the other spun 10 cents and almost got an additional 85 – enough to unseat Beckham – before a final tick of the wheel gave him a total of 40 cents.

At the showdown itself, Beckham decided to pass on the showcase she was offered – two basketball and foosball arcade games, a stove, refrigerator and dishwasher, plus a Volkswagen Jetta – to her final opponent, Detra Sledge, who bid $30,000 for the package.

Beckham was then offered a showcase including a six-night trip to Thailand, a ruby-mining tour and a designer ruby necklace, ring and earrings, plus a Ford Focus SE sedan. She bid a total of $35,670 for the package.

Sledge went over her showcase’s actual retail price of $26,380, but Beckham’s cost $35,781 – a difference of just $111 from her bid. Showcase Showdown winners who bid within $250 of their showcase win both showcases, which left Beckham with a total of $63,888 in merchandise.

Beckham says she is still electing to fly to Anchorage, at her own expense, to pick up the cars.

Liz Raines contributed information to this story.

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