A South Anchorage bakery marked seven years in business Saturday with a special treat: a massive cinnamon roll the size of a wedding cake.

House of Bread, off the Old Seward Highway just north of Dimond Boulevard, was crammed Saturday morning with customers lined up to sample the 100-pound roll.

“Our bakers begin mixing our cinnamon roll for three or four hours before we want to begin forming it and shaping it,” said House of Bread manager Carson Baldiviez. “We start off with about 75 pounds of dough, just raw dough, and then we begin making it in five layers, so it tiers up and starts looking like a nice cinnamon roll.”

Once that’s done, it’s time for the toppings.

“We start adding tons of brown sugar and cinnamon and butter, and then of course frosting on top,” Baldiviez said. “It’ll be at least 10 pounds of frosting.”

Baldiviez says the hardest part of assembling the roll is “probably figuring out how much to do each layer and fit it all in the oven at the same time.”

“We can only fit half of each layer in the oven at the same time,” Baldiviez said. “Oftentimes it can overgrow really easily, or just get too big for our oven.”

All that work, however, pays off when customers see the finished roll.

“It’s really fun to watch the kids’ reactions – they’re just blown away,” Baldiviez said. “Everyone’s just blown away because it’s like, ‘How often do you get to see a 100-pound cinnamon roll?’”

The cinnamon roll isn’t the only large item on bakers’ minds this month, however.

“We’ve already been getting blown up about king cakes here, too,” Baldiviez said.

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