For many teens or young adults who want to join the U.S. Army or Army Reserve, a lot of time, they don't have a plan for when their time of service ends. The U.S. Army PaYS program or Partnership for Youth Success, helps provide a job opportunity for when a soldier leaves the Army.

On Wednesday, the Anchorage Police Department officially entered into a recruiting partnership with the U.S. Army, becoming the first of its kind in the state of Alaska.

"This is very big," U.S. Army Recruiting Alaska Company Commander Captain Dana Schwartz said. "This is the first time ever that somebody in Alaska agreed to do a PaYS partnership. It gives locals, the Alaska natives, the people from Anchorage the opportunity to serve their time with the military and then come back and serve their community as well. It's a very big deal."

When someone talks to an Army recruiter, the recruiter will offer the person all kinds of after service opportunities whether they are going into the reserves or the active Army.

"The program is a win-win," U.S. Army Battalion Commander for the Seattle Recruiting Battalion LTC Brian Fleming said. "It's a win for the Army as well as a win for the APD. The bottom line is it provides a job opportunity for when a soldier leaves the Army or the Army Reserve. The person is guaranteed a job interview."

The PaYS program puts that opportunity in writing as part of the Army's way of taking care of the soldier and to give back to local communities.

"This is all part of the interview process too," LTC Fleming said. "We talk to them about opportunities, not just the Army. A lot of kids don't have a plan after the military. They come into the Army, get training and an education. It looks good on a resume and translates well too, especially if someone wants to be a police officer."

That is exactly why the APD jumped at the chance to partner with the U.S. Army when asked.

"This is a great program not only for the young people in our community but all over the country," APD Chief Justin Doll said. "It gives them an opportunity to start off serving their country with a career track laid out in front of them where they can ultimately come and apply at APD, sit down and talk with us about opportunities we have around here."

Hiring people with a military background is a benefit for the Anchorage communities.

"We end up getting qualified applicants at the Police Department," Chief Doll said. "People that understand what it means to serve and have learned some integrity and self-discipline in the military." 

The program may be the first in Alaska, but not in the Lower 48.

"The communities are in the hundreds," LTC Fleming said. "It's across all states and the programs involve Fortune 500 to construction companies to Police Departments. If a soldier joins the Army in Florida and wants to move to Alaska, he or she is eligible in the program which applies across the United States.

The program doesn't guarantee someone a job, just an interview in the field of their choice.

“I am pleased to partner with the Army to find careers for those who served,” Chief Doll said. “As a former Marine turned police officer, I understand firsthand how beneficial prior military experience can be for law enforcement.”
The PaYS Program is a strategic partnership between the Army and a cross-section of corporations, companies and public sector agencies. The program provides soldiers with an opportunity to serve their country while simultaneously preparing for their future.
Through this partnership, APD will be provided with a pool of highly skilled, motivated and professional candidates.

Currently, the police department is hiring and looking for more recruits to join the June Military Academy.

For more information or to apply, click on the link here:

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