President Donald Trump delivered his first State of the Union address Tuesday night, emphasizing a safe, strong and proud America. 

The president also said he wants to unite what he calls a long-divided country. 

Alaska's congressional delegation responded to the president's address.

Senior Senator Lisa Murkowski (R) said there was a lot of good in it, and she welcomed his outreach to both parties.

"Let's find these areas where we can find that level of consensus, let's work together as Americans. That's what made us the great nation we have been and will be," she said. 

Junior Senator Dan Sullivan (R) said he liked the president's tone: optimistic and unifying, focusing on issues that are important to Alaskans. 

"It was respectful, it was unifying, and above all, it was optimistic about the future of America. You know one of the things I've been saying back home in our great state is we have a lot of challenges but, to me, there's cause for a lot of optimism, and I think the President laid out a lot of what that optimism was about," Senator Sullivan said. 

Congressman Don Young (R) said the president had some good points about making our country great again and believes he's trying to get Americans down the right path, saying it's now up to Congress to work together.

"He's trying, but Congress can do it-- but we can't do it ourselves-- we have to do it as a collective effort-- we have to reach our problems and solutions together," he said. 

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