An Anchorage man is facing multiple assault charges after he admitted to stabbing his grandparents with a steak knife, authorities say. 

According to charging documents, on Saturday, Anchorage Police responded to an apartment complex in the 500 block of North Bragaw Street after a caller reported an assault. When police arrived, they spoke to the suspect, 30-year-old George Taylor Jr., who waived his Miranda rights and went on to tell officers he stabbed his grandparents, Regina Sielak and Frank Amarok.

"According to witnesses, George had gone outside to smoke a cigarette. When he came back inside he made mention of needing to take his medication (for a diagnosed mental disorder).  George then rushed towards his grandparents and stabbed them both," APD spokesperson Renee Oistad wrote in an email.

Samantha Tuckfield and Joseph Timothy told officers they ran over to the couple's apartment after hearing screams. Tuckfield said she was the first to respond to the apartment where she saw Taylor holding the knife, trying to attack the couple. When Timothy arrived, they held Taylor down until police arrived. 

After the couple was rushed over to the Alaska Native Medical Center, officers could hear Amarok tell doctors that his grandson stabbed him with a 5-inch steak knife. 

"Mr. Amarok thought he felt the knife hit bone which bent the blade," charging documents read. "Mr. Amarok saw [Taylor] stab Ms. Sielak in the hand. As Mr. Amarok was trying to control [Taylor], [Taylor] made multiple stabbing motions at Mr. Amarok. Mr. Amarok identified the defendant as the person who stabbed him."

Amarok had a 1- to 2-inch long bleeding wound on his back. Sielak had stab wounds to her left ring finger and the back of her hand.

Police have not released further details such as to what led up to the incident. 

Taylor had seven prior assault convictions. Saturday, he was charged with two counts of assault in the first- and third-degree; assault in the fourth-degree for the stabbing his grandparents. 

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