Charging documents shed new light on a stabbing last week that prompted a campus-wide alert at the University of Alaska - Anchorage. 

Jeremy Tazruk, 22, was arrested early Friday morning after an alleged incident involving roommates at an apartment in the 3500 block of East 42nd Avenue. 

Anchorage Police were called to the scene around 12:30 Friday morning, where they found an adult male lying on the bike path near campus with a stab wound. The victim was taken to Anchorage Native Medical Center for treatment of a puncture wound on the left side of his ribs. 

Charging documents allege that the victim, identified only as "T.P.", began assaulting a female roommate, prompting a bystander to intervene but was then punched by T.P. Then, the documents state, T.P. punched Tazruk's fiance, who was holding the couple's infant child. 

Tazruk then grabbed a 'Legend of Zelda' replica sword that was hanging on the wall and struck T.P. multiple times, the report states; the edges of the sword were dull, but the tip was sharp. 

The fight allegedly then escalated amongst the roommates, and Tazruk grabbed a kitchen knife; when T.P. confronted Tazruk again, Tazruk swung, striking T.P. with the knife. 

Tazruk was ultimately taken into custody. He's charged with fourth-degree assault and reckless endangerment. 

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