To be able to do their job in those high-pressure situations, firefighters need to train regularly. Friday, it was a group of new recruits learning all about the stresses of the job -- in a controlled setting.

They are 11 weeks into the 16-week course. One of the training scenarios was a call for a car on fire. 

The Anchorage Fire Department says the academy is pretty competitive, and these 22 recruits should fill the staffing gap left through attrition. It's a chance for them to test out skills they've learned in the classroom.

"They have to put on their self-contained breathing apparatus and the mask and plug into air, make sure all their clothing is on correctly and then they check each other, these are all skills that they have been learning over the last 11 weeks and it's to the point, now, that they have to do it correctly or there is a potential to get injured if not," said AFD Senior Captain Casey Johnson.

The new recruits have five weeks of training left. After that, you can expect to see them in ambulances and firetrucks all over Anchorage as they finish up training on the street.

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