Now in its tenth year, Project Homeless Connect helps people with around 60 federal, state and local agencies. Once a year, the Egan Center is packed with hundreds of people taking advantage of agency help with things such as getting an ID and other federal forms,  job services, placement, help with housing, benefits and any other questions they may want answered.

"It's a place where the homeless can make one stop in one day," event coordinator Alan Budahl said. "They can meet with as many agencies as they would like to. Transportation is very hard especially when you are homeless. It makes it very hard to get to the services you need and that's why we do this. It's a great service to the homeless people in our community."

Project Homeless Connect starting in San Francisco in 2004 and following in Anchorage in 2007. It used to be held twice a year but now just once in the winter.

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