A not-so-sweet surprise was found by correctional officers after someone tried to smuggle in over 10 grams of meth masked as M&M's, authorities say.

On Monday, the Alaska Department of Corrections posted on their Facebook page a photo of what looks like packages of M&M's inside a ziplock bag. However, during a routine x-ray check at one of their facilities, corrections officers noticed the packaging of the three bags were unsealed and spots that appeared to be "dense and misshaped (sic)".  

"At quick glance, the packages seemed factory sealed, but upon further inspection, the officers noticed spots on each package that had been resealed," the Facebook post read. 

When officers removed the contents, they found a sugary substance wrapped in orange and clear plastic. Officers then used a narcotics field testing kit and found that it was 10.7 grams of methamphetamine. 

DOC says once any kind of drug is found in one of their facilities, their Professional Conduct Unit will work with other agencies like the FBI, Alaska State Troopers and the Drug Enforcement Agency to go after drug traffickers. 

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