Plans are in the works to build a hotel at the Ted Stevens International Airport. Airport Manager Jim Szczesniak said with any luck the hotel could be completed in about two years.

Szczesniak described the fact that the airport did not already have a hotel on-site as a "weakness". He envisions it serving people from rural Alaska and other travelers who come in at all hours.

"We also have a lot of international flight crews that come in and change planes, so being able to offer those people the ability to just walk here. Primarily it's a customer service thing, every airport should have a hotel that's on campus to be able to service passengers."

Szczesniak said the plan is in the early stages but could include a 150 room hotel that he described as "tall and skinny" located between the airport railroad depot and the rental car facility. An existing tunnel would connect it to the terminal.

The hotel will be built by a private developer. A request for proposals will go out this spring. Szczesniak said they hope to select a winning bid sometime this summer.

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