Payden Harris feels right at home on the bowling lane.

"I just love the sport itself; it's cool to me. I feel like it takes more finesse and skill than anything else, so, I like to do it a lot," says Payden, who first took up the sport at the age of three.

He's been part of the Eagle River High School Bowling Team for four years, this season finds him as captain. "There's some pretty funny dudes, I must say, if you ever needed a confident team, these are the guys," says Harris.

Eagle River is one of the eight teams that make up the Anchorage Scholastic Bowling League. The Wolves have a lot to prove this season as they are the defending boys and girls champions.

"The toughest part is probably when you're having a bad day, nothing seems to be going your way, you've just got to stay in the zone, stay focused, instead of getting mad," says senior Joey Herr.

Eagle River's head coach says athletes battle for more than trophies.

"There's scholarship money for these kids and everything," says Bill Dix.

Herr has earned a scholarship to Colorado School of Mines, while Harris has earned a free ride from Tuskeegee University. Yet, there's something both bowlers want before they graduate, to repeat as champions.

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