You've probably heard the expression, "a little kindness can go a long way." This week, school children around the world are putting that theory to the test by taking part in the Great Kindness Challenge.

The Challenge, which according to its website started in California several years ago, directs students to devote a week to sharing kindness with others.

Students at Tudor Elementary in Anchorage are taking part. In addition to performing kind acts, students have made a paper chain, where every link is an act of kindness a student pledges to do.

Tudor Librarian Michelle Carton is leading the Challenge. She said students get to know each other better when they reach out to others in kindness. That, in turn, can help them to learn about each other's backgrounds and even lead to fewer incidents of bullying.

"It becomes a natural consequence," said Carton. "Everybody understands each other and they stick up for each other and they believe in the power of their spirit to be kind people."

Carton said the hope is that kindness will continue, long after the week ends. She said students are also encouraged to take the kindness challenge with their families.

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