It's usually a penny for your thoughts, but it will cost more than that at the Alaska Mint, which now displays the new Fur Rondy coins.

"Fur Rondy logo is on the front; there's three-dimensional dogs, the date is on the front of the coin, on the reverse is the 'Land of the Midnight Sun'", said manager Ben Brown.

The Fur Rondy Committee came up with this year's design. Store employees then minted the currency for a process that started in December.

"It's not necessarily an easy project, but [it's] definitely fun. It's nice it gets the community out, and everybody can come see the fireworks and the carnival, running with the reindeer," said Brown.

The coins are available in bronze, silver and 24-carat gold, but they are not the only ones-- so are the new state medallions.

"The 2018 design features a Cessna 206 with Denali as the background and a bull moose at the bottom of the coin," says Brown.

Local artist Megan Warren designed the coin and you need to beware of the pitfalls.

"If the front of the coin is too deep, and the reverse is too deep, once it's struck, you can see part of the image will transfer from the front and transfer to the back," Brown advised.

Fur Rondy coins and state medallions can be yours if the price is right. The folks at Alaska Mint are still waiting for the Iditarod's design to be approved.

No word yet if it will "change" from last year.

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